John Esposito, 6th special


Companies C & D separated on Bougainville from Co. A & B and they went to Ulithi Atoll.  It was very small with not much to do. I saw photos of the Atoll.  It beat Samar where we landed with nothing but jungles  surrounding us.

Some of Companies C& D were on Russell where they were attached to a Marine unit.. As I remember, they once told me they worked on L.S.T.s most of the time.     The Jap fighters were trying to destroy the supplies on the L.S.T.  The last I heard (C & D) left the atoll sometime in May 1945 and stopped off at Pearl Harbor Hi. They were disbanded before they left, as we were (A&B). We landed on Samar 10-23- 44.  We were relived and disbanded before sailing to Pearl Harbor.  That was 5-18-45, so we were on Samar about eight months.

The 6th Special all four Companies separated for a time because there weren't many Special Battalions. in the Pacific in 1943. Hence they took men for special jobs. where and when needed but they always returned to make a Battalion. All total the 6th Special was on New Caledonia,  Guadalcanal, Bougainville, Russell, Vella LaVella, Treasury, Green, Ulithi Atoll, Samar, Philippines, Pearl Harbor, Hi 

We were all disbanded before we arrive back in the States.