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A handy source of Navy abbreviations

SeaBee Museums and Memorials

The Civil Engineer Corps and Seabee Museum

Drop in visits by the general public are no longer allowed.
Contact the museum for information about reservations and guided tours.

Naval Construction Battalion Center
621 Pleasant Valley Rd.
Port Hueneme, CA 93043-4401
Phone: (805) 982-5169 Fax: (805) 982-5595

Mailing Address:
4111 San Pedro St.,
Code 9, Bldg. 99
Port Hueneme, CA 93043-4401

John Langellier Director/ Curator

National Museum of the Pacific War (Admiral Nimitz Museum)
PO Box 777
Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Mr. Jeff Hunt, Curator: 830-997-4379 x226
Mr. Floyd Cox, Coordinator-Oral History Program

Seabee Museum and Memorial Park, (Camp Endicott, Davisville, RI)
21 Iafrate Way
North Kingston, RI 02852

Atlantic Fleet Seabee's Headquarters and Museum
5200 2nd Street, Building 59, Marvin Shields Blvd.,
Naval Battalion Construction Center,
Gulfport, MS 39501-5001.

Navy Seabee Memorial
On the bridge and near the subway stop leading to

Arlington National Cemetery
Arlington, VA

National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Punchbowl, Hawaii
Some 143 WWII Seabees are buried here, probably including members of the 93rd


SEABEE HISTORY The origin of the Bee

HYPERWAR: World War II on the WWW:

War in the Pacific: -Guam Liberation-


SEABEE Veterans of America



The 93rd Seabees Cruise Book (Now on CD ROM)

Pacific Duty: A Book of Record and Review of the Activities and Achievements of the Ninety-Third United States Naval Construction Battalion.  Edited by G.E. Pappas and Published by Lester C. Nielson Company, Huntington Park, CA, 1946

CD-ROMs for the 93rd NCB and for most other Seabee battalions can be purchased for $30 at the CEC/Seabee Historical Foundation Museum store, located at the Port Hueneme, CA Naval Seabee Base, or on-line at or by phone 805-982-5168 between 9am to 4pm Monday through Saturday PST

This 155 page, largely photographic album, gives the history, names and photographs of the 1000 Battalion members. Occasionally copies of the book itself are available through various on-line used book sites, however the prices can run from $75 to $215.

Other WWII Seabee Battalions


8th Seabees 'The Eight Ball Battalion'  (photo album includes barracks at training camps) 

87th Seabees photos - look for the Aurelio Tassone drawing:

92nd Seabees
: Jack Courage in Bob's Diary

112th Seabees

113th Seabees: Detachments A, B, and C

Letters from The Good War and  When Wars Were Won by Hugh Aarons.  Available from Stones Point Press, P.O. Box 384, Belfast, ME 04915. At 18, he was probably too young for the 93rd, but by summer the WPA slurry was drying up and an ambitious, optimistic fitness freak in overdrive took the Navy by storm.  He loved the food, the exercise, the fresh air. Fortunately, he also loved to write and his 1000 pages of letters are a rich chronicle of Seabee life through the eyes of a rapidly maturing adolescent.  Letters, of course, did have to go through censors and Hughie saw much that he couldn’t share until he was safely out of the Navy’s way.  The real story of the Seabees, therefore, is in the novel. 


The 113th was divided into 3 detachments, each with its own story: A with Hugh Aarons, B. whose LST was sunk off Mindinoro, and C, the "Forgotten 55" which was largely attached to PT squadrons.

The Forgotten 55: Article in SEABEE

The 113 in training at Hueneme: (upper right)
Seabees  Newspapers: Coverall, 4-6-1944

553rd Seabee Maintenance Unit:  
John Loring Gould: Photos and Documents from his son in law, Bruce Lord
552nd Seabee Maintenance Unit
Tom Taylor's memories


554th Seabee Maintenance Unit (CBMU) J. William Joynes: One Small Part in WWII:  A Seabee’s Memoirs:  J. William Joynes is another of those fellows who landed in the Seabees due to poor eyesight.  His vision had been sufficient for a job with the Baltimore newspaper.  And so, he became a yeoman in the 554 Construction Battalion Maintence Unit (CBMU).  Most of his Pacific service was on lonely Johnston Island.   


6th  Special Seabees: The 6th Special landing in Philippines amidst Leyte Gulf Battle and Typhoon: Exerpt: forthcoming book by Frank Jardim, Director, Patton Museum of Cavalry and Armor: (The 93rd NCB was still at sea when the Zaudak abandoned the Bees in the San Pedro swamp.)
The 6th Special NCB Company itineraries
The 6th Special NCB- Banika, Green, and Samar-John Esposito
6th Seabee photos and insignia from John Ratomski
Navy hero: 6th Special Seabees
6th Special
John Ratomski's 6th Special website
6th Special Website
6th Special Photos

Construction Battalion Detachment 1067 Automotive Repair Unit: Allen McSweeney:  Calicoan

25th Seabees Naval Construction Battalion Naval Construction Battalion

31st Seabees Association  Http://

57th Seabees:
60th & 50th Battalion,

61st Seabees

62nd Naval Construction Battalion

63rd  Seabees

64th Seabees

76th Seabees: Patrick Thompson's tribute to his father:

121st Naval Construction Battalion

133rd Seabees WWII
Petition for the 133rd NCB to receive a Presential Unit Citation for their contributions during the assualt on Iwo Jima.  Please go to this link and Sign the petition!

Sculpture on Iwo Jima was hand carved by Waldon T. Rich, a Navy Seabee stationed on the island during the battle for the island.            
Naval Construction Battalions on Iwo Jima

27th Special Seabee Battalion

The end of the war was celebrated in the Overseas Edition of the New York Times while SeaBee published the locations of all Battalions at war's end on August 29, 1945.  A commemorative edition on October 10 listed every Seabee outfit and its wartime service.  Thanks to Penny Hoffman for this vintage collection of Bulldozer, Coverall, SeaBee, and New York TIMES.

Seabees Reading List

THE STORY OF THE SEABEES: CAN DO!- by William Bradford Huie, 1944, Bluejacketbooks, Naval Institute Press, Reissued 1997. Story of the first Battalion

DAVISVILLE AND THE SEABEES by Walter K. Schroder and Gloria Emma, Arcadia Press 1999. Stories and photos of Endicott Base in Davisville, RI. Toll-free 888-313-BOOK

FROM OMAHA TO OKINAWA - by William Bradford Huie, 1946. Bluejacketbooks, Naval Institute Press, Reissued 1997

ISLAND FIGHTING, by Rafael Steinberg, TIME-LIFE BOOKS, Alexandria, VA.  Last section of the book devoted to the Seabees in the WWII Pacific.

Preview Books on the Web!

From Omaha to Okinawa: The Story of the Seabees - P. 191  (93rd NCB) by William Bradford Huie -  - When it was decided to divert part of the invasion fleet— and virtually all of the Navy activity— from Leyte to Samar, the 93rd Seabees had that ready for the first plane landing on 18 December, and the Army as well as Navy planes began using it around Christmas time.

History of United States Naval Operations in World War II - P. 350  (93rd NCB) by Samuel Eliot Morison 2002

Service Records for Veterans

Service records may be obtained by veterans or (if deceased) by next-of-kin from

National Personnel Records Center (Military Personnel Records)
9700 Page Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63132-5100

Include what information you have, such as: Service number, Branch of service,  Date and place of deployment, Discharge date and location, Date and place of birth.  A form is also available on-line through the website of the National Seabee Veterans Association

Seabee Veterans Web Sites

Navy Seabee Veterans of America

Seabee Memorial Scholarship Assn., Scholarships for Seabees’ descendants.

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Navy Reunions

Seabee cooking, culture, and stories

Seabee recruitment posters can be ordered or enlarged and sent as e-cards.;

Other Seabees memorabilia
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Seabee history, especially Philippines

WWII Patches and other memorabilia

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