VMB-423 Ted Rundall

July 2003.  I have collected and printed quite a few reminiscences from our guys. 

VMB-423 was a PBJ squadron that got to Green Island in the spring of 1944 and stayed there for about a year before moving on to the Philippines. By the time we arrived the Japanese were just about grounded (only one of our bombers was ever attacked by enemy fighters) but our mission was to keep them bottled up at Rabaul and the surrounding islands by bombing and strafing their strongholds. And they never seemed to run out of AA ammunition. 

I've seen several aerial photos of Green but can't remember having seen a detailed map from the WWII era. I have a photo of the Owl Drug Co. at Hollywood and Vine but didn't realize the Seabees had built it, but come to think of it, who else could have? I know they built our tent platforms and our showers and pits for our latrines as well as the runways. Hooray for the Seabees!! 

Best wishes Ted Rundall