Photographs of the Nissan Island cemetery show far more graves than we have accounted for. Most of those listed below died in plane crashes over water or enemy territory and their bodies were never recovered. On the other hand, there are no listings of those who died of natural causes: malaria being a common predator of troops and natives alike. Interesting, there is also no mention of the inevitable results of some 20,000 men and an arsenal crammed onto a steamy island.

The Seabees saw their second airstrip christened in blood; even as they were completing it, a heavily damaged Liberator attempted a landing, but crashed and disintegrated.

The number of Japanese who died in the Green Islands is unknown. Many leapt over the cliffs to avoid being captured and their bodies were washed out to sea. Bob Conner saw remains along the beaches during his roamings. 

Many of those buried on remote islands were transferred to Punchbowl cemetery in Hawaii after the war.

Green Island Reconnaissance and Invasion

Jan 31: reconnaissance mission: U.S. coxswain and 2 gunners, OíDowd, New Zealand 

Feb. 16: 5 New Zealanders killed on Sirot Island 
Feb 20: Capt. PRW Adams, New Zealand 3rd Div. at Tanaheran 

93rd Naval Construction Battalion

June 10, 1944: 5 die in dynamite blast 
Frank Sanchez 
Mancel William Simmons 
Joseph Henry Sowa 
David John Walters (Page Listing) 
John Dalton Walters (Index) 
Andrew Zorn Jr. 

Nov. 26, 1944: (San Antonio, Samar) struck by stray enemy shell 
Charles Lawrence Curtis 

April 11, 1945: (Guiuan, Philippines)1 died in Himy crew blasting in Philippines 
Donald Edward Shackelford 


James P. McCullough 11/1/43 
Charles E. Schwieman 11/1/43 
Thomas S. Szymanski, Jr. 11/1/43 
Irving R. Werner, Jr. 11/1/43 

Anthony J. Gallo 3/3/44 
James W. Lee, Jr. 3/3/44 
Robert W. Lide 3/3/44 
Bert C. Sanders 3/3/44 
Henry E. Seeman 3/3/44 

Thaddeus H. Banachowski 4/20/44 
Alden R. Carlson 4/20/44 
John T. Gunn 4/20/44 
Raymond T. Marks 4/20/44 
Reber H. Smith 4/20/44 
Clyde E. Yates 4/20/44 

John A. Donovan 4/22/44 
Dwight D. Ekstam 4/22/44 
Wayne R. Erickson 4/22/44 
Laverne A. Lallathin 4/22/44 
James A. Sisney 4/22/44 
Walter B. Vincent, Jr. 4/22/44 
John D. Yeager 4/22/44 

Roderick H. Herndon 6/2/44
Thornwell Rogers 6/22/44 
Clifford S. Buckley, Jr. 6/22/44 
Jewel T. Hawkins 6/22/44 
Vernon R. Kistner 6/22/44 
Richard B. Lucy 6/22/44 
Edwin J. McDowell 6/22/44 
Winton G. Walk 6/22/44 

Richard A. Edmonds 6/29/44 
Dewett T. Greene, Jr. 6/29/44 
Raymond M. Hallbauer 6/29/44 
Roy H. Morrison 6/29/44 
Nimrod C. Olinger 6/29/44 
Loren N. VanBuskirk 6/29/44 

Willie T. Phillips 12/23/44 

VMSB- 341 

Jan. 11, 1944: (from Munda) strike over Lakunai Airfield, Rabaul
Fred Farrelly 
Lt. Carroll 

Jan 17, 1944: (From Munda) strike over Simson Harbor at Rabaul 
Lt. Tuck 
Paul McCleaf 

also lost fighters in another squad 
Jan. 26 or Jan. 30, 1944 (From Bougainville) strike over Lakunai Airfield, Rabaul 
Lt. Howard Coonley 
PFC. Jack B. Thomann 

May 2, 1944: hit by same AA strike on Tobera airfield at Rabaul 
Sgt. Robert V. Anderson 
1st Lt. William K. Harkins 
S/Sgt Van Cicero (Dick) Swearingen 
Capt. Walter L. Jordan 

July 19, 1944: own bomb blast on New Ireland 
Bob Heroux 

37th NCB
3/3/44: Dozer operator found with throat slit: (source Conner Diary) 

Black Cats VP-115 Squadron

May 20, 1944: Green Island Strike: Crashed and exploded in the water 3 miles east of Pinipel Island after take-off on an operational mission from Green Island. All personnel killed: 
Pilot Lt(jg) Steve Bolton Pitt A-V(N) USNR, 
Ens Philip Frederick Reese A-V(N) USNR, 
Ens Charles R. Marquois A-V(N) USNR, 
Cap Robert Cassellman (AA) USN,
Acmm Thomas Wilson Miller (PA), 
Aomb3c Howard Stanley Hasbrook, 
Aom2c Basil Edward Whitney, 
Rm2c John Harvey Mitchell, 
Rm2c Elmer Allan Bowman, 
Amm2c Andrew John Jelak,
Amm3c John Francis Sturtevant,
Amm2c James Fisher Steele,Jr.
Aom3c Tino Martinez Flores. 

Jan. 12, 1945: Accident on take off and resulting fire 
Rm3c F. Alesso USNR 


Joe Summers (and crew) pictured in Larry Katz Photos and captions.
Summers captured and beheaded by Japanese.(Larry Katz)

Unknown Units

March 29: First plane to land on bomber strip - a damaged Liberator - crashes killing all crew.
July 8- 9, 1944: VMSB-341 searching for downed Corsair (Melvin Clark)
April 30, 1944: search for 4 downed F4U plots (VMSB-341 Album)
April 7, 1944: strike over Rapopo 3 died 
A TBF (reported in VMSB-341 Album) 

VMB 223 "Bulldogs" between 16 May and 16 June.
          Five pilots:
First Lieutenant Raymond P. Mumme
First Lieutenant James W. Lizer
First Lieutenant Charles F. Inman
Second Lieutenant John C. Perkins, Jr.
Second Lieutenant Lawrence W. Pingree

PT Boats 346, 347, 350: April 29th, 1944

Aircraft from Green Island attacked PT Boats 346, 347, and 350, killing 25 and wounding 24

PT 346 (9 killed, 9 wounded, 2 unharmed)


Lt. James R. Burk USNR, Skipper, (KILLED)
Lt. Colonel James B. Pettit, United State Army, aboard as observer, (KILLED)
Ensign Alfred W. Haywood USNR, (KILLED)
William Neal Walters USNR, seaman first class, (KILLED)
Robert West Mills USNR, shipís cook second class, (KILLED)
Raymond Russell Reilly USNR, torpedo manís mate second class (MISSING)
Allen Frederick Walzhauer USNR, gunnerís mate third class (MISSING)
Leslie Wilson Wicks USNR, seaman first class (MISSING)
Stanley Wisniewski USNR, quartermaster third class (MISSING)


Lt. James R. Thompson USNR, Commander Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron 25
Lt. Eric M. Howitt Royal Australian Naval Volunteer Reserve, pilot officer
Norman Alfred Nadeau USNR, gunnerís mate second class
James Phillip Alkire USNR, motor machinist mate second class
James Harold Cheek USNR, pharmacist mate second class from USS Hilo (shot in the hand)
Verle James Wisdom USNR, yeoman second class (hit twice in the right leg)
Paul Eugene Whitmore USNR, radioman second class (shot in the left leg)
Ensign Gustav Walter Wilde USNR, third officer aboard PT 346
Ollie ďJĒ Talley USNR, motor machinist first class (torn cartlidge in knee, shrapnel behind ear)

PT 347 (2 killed, 3 wounded, 10 unharmed)


Raymond Theodore Juneau USNR, seaman first class (KILLED, refused to abandon ship)
John Harry Dunner USNR, coxswain (DROWNED)


Lt. (jg) Robert J. Williams USN, skipper
Henry Paul OíConnell USNR, gunnerís mate second class
Forrest May USNR, carpenterís mate second class

PT 350 (3 killed, 5 wounded, 7 unharmed)


Raymond Arthur Rouleau, USRN, motor machinist mate second class
Stanley John Janusz USNR, gunnerís mate third class
William Edward Hirsch USNR, seaman first class


Harold William Connor USRN, shipís cook second class
William Frederick Reilly USNR, gunnerís mate third class
Robert Ambrose Gaynor USNR (member of 347) machinist mate second class
William L. Brick USNR, radioman second class
Henry G. Westervelt, USNR, gunnerís mate second class