The Ninth Special was formed at Camp Peary in April 1943 and left for Hueneme on June
19. The outfit embarked Aug. 7 for Pago Pago, Samoa, reaching there Aug. 19. Five days
later, the Battalion left for Guadalcanal, landing there Sept. 21, 1943.

On Sept. 30, A Company left the 'Canal and arrived at the Russell Islands Oct. 1.

B Company embarked Oct. 2 for Tulagi and reached there the next day. D Company left Guadalcanal Oct.
21 and arrived at Sasavele a day later.

On Nov. 20, A Company left the Russells and joined D Company at Sasavele.

C Company embarked from Guadalcanal Jan. 17, 1944, arriving at Bougainville Jan. 19.

Green Island was the next stop for C Company on March 6. Headquarters Company was equally divided among the traveling detachments.

From Dec.1944 to Feb. 1945, stevedore gangs of the Ninth were sent on temporary duty orders to
various ports in the Russells
and Solomon Islands.

Three companies were regrouped in the Russells Feb. 27, 1945. All companies were awaiting inactivation at the war's end.