Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit (CBMU) 553

Official Naval Documents of John Loring Gould

1-CBMU 553 John Gould.jpg
1-CBMU 553 John Gould
2-Induction into Navy.jpg
2-Induction into Navy
3-Voluntary enlistment after induction.jpg
3-Voluntary enlistment after induction
4-Transfer to CBMU 553.jpg
4-Transfer to CBMU 553
5- Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Ribbon.jpg
5- Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Ribbon
6-transfer of funds.jpg
6-transfer of funds
7-Transfer to Hospital for Treatment.jpg
7-Transfer to Hospital for Treatment
8-Operation and engagement star.jpg
8-Operation and engagement star
10-Transfer to general service.jpg
10-Transfer to general service
11-West coast arrival-Davisville.jpg
11-West coast arrival-Davisville
12-Funds for Leave.jpg
12-Funds for Leave
13-Transfer and Leave.jpg
13-Transfer and Leave
14-Cert of service outside US.jpg
14-Cert of service outside US
15-USS Yermouth Houneme-Nanomea.jpg
15-USS Yermouth Houneme-Nanomea
16-Notice of Separation from Service.jpg
16-Notice of Separation from Service
CBMU 553 Green Island map.jpg
CBMU 553 Green Island map
CBMU 553 Map of tour0001.jpg
CBMU 553 Map of tour0001
Map of tour0001.jpg
Map of tour0001
Unit Log0002-web.jpg
Unit Log0002-web
Unit Log0003 web.jpg
Unit Log0003 web
Unit Log0004 web.jpg
Unit Log0004 web

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